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Why Domotics ?

Domotics offers revolutionary immersive and interactive real estate listing solutions to engage buyers and realtors using VR and AR on mobile devices, Smart TVs, streaming media devices, and wearable technologies. The listings platform delivers a unique viewing experience that helps both parties by providing a highly interactive and informative view of prospective home purchases. Domotics technology also offers use with developers and builders by showcasing planned and finished construction projects.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality allows you to view anyplace as if you were there and it already exists or if it’s in the pre-construction phase. Provide a buyer with an authentic ‘feeling’ of the space in a way that no ordinary photograph, video, or rendering can provide. Step into any property right from the convenience of your living room.

Augmented and mixed reality

Augmented and Mixed Reality blends digital content with your actual surroundings. In the simplest form, it can be used on a mobile phone or tablet or for a more immersive experience with devices like Microsoft HoloLens.

360 degree Web viewer

Interactive 360° virtual tours built for real estate are embedded on any website. Share tours easily in emails, newsletters, or social media to further drive engagement and increase conversation. Add floor plans for navigation and highlight key selling features with text, photos, or video. Add branding to further customize your virtual visits.