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Domotics first-of-its-kind real estate OTT platform takes virtual house tours to the next level with immersive viewing experiences.


Immersive Reality Platform

Virtual agents allow the customer to express their query in their own words and get an answer. The other advantages of having Virtual agents are, Virtual agents, perform repeatable tasks and can deliver 24/7 customer service without any leave or holidays, which will cut down the Infrastructure cost and deliver the best work quality.


Support for SmartTVs, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, and headset wearable platforms

Applications designed for real estate not only work as a traditional listing platform but also takes it to next level with a 360° virtual view to provide more engaging visualizations for both new developments and existing places.


Home Search and Listing Services

Let us help you find your new dream home with Domotics Home Search and Listing Service you can customize your search to add criteria that are important to you. After all, everyone’s dream home is unique. Find a home you like, hop over to our immersive reality platform, and jump straight into your new living room today!