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April 25,2022

6 New Real Estate Tech Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

New real estate tech companies seem to pop up every single day. With such a crowded marketplace, it’s hard to know which companies are just a flash in the pan and which are ones you should pay attention to.

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January 17,2022

Domotics Nominated for Residential Systems Picks Award at CES 2022

Domotics Re-Technologies, LLC, aka “Domotics,” is a real estate technology company with solutions that revolutionize how home buyers and sellers interact in the digital world.

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November 08,2021

Move into the future of buying and selling real estate with Domotics

A new real estate technology company introduces an immersive home viewing experience that goes beyond the traditional listing

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November 04,2021

7 up-and-coming tech companies real estate pros should know

This immersive home tour tech and consumer search provider is aiming square at consumers’ demand to innovate the home search.

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