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About Us

Domotics is more than a service, it’s a revolution.

It all started with a promise to create something unique that addresses the challenges faced in the real estate industry. Today, we pride ourselves on keeping that promise by harnessing the power of immersive media to offer virtual property listing using a breakthrough technology framework.

After attempts with multiple different solutions, we picked and mastered VR solutions to offer a realistic and accurate tour of properties to buyers both near and far, from the comfort of their own homes. Buyers can see dozens of homes with amazing quality then sit down for dinner 5 minutes later. Agents will generate more inquiries and can handle more properties with virtual tours and our easy-to-use communication tools built right into the platform.

With our advanced technology, we aim to change the way people search for their dream home. As technology evolves, so does our product, positioning us to be a leading home search & listing service provider for years to come!